About Us
In 2003, we decided to share our love of Chai with folks at farmer’s markets all over central Alberta. And so the Chai Wallahs were born. In India, Chai Wallahs are men who sell tea on street corners and trains. Each Indian family has a unique recipe depending on what spices are available. After selling at hundreds of markets and creating thousands of bags of Chai, we are still delighted to be drying ginger and grinding cardamom pods to produce this amazing tea. We’ve created our own warming blend and are happy to offer it as a dry tea mix. There’s also a decaffeinated version - Chai Honey - with all the spices and none of the caffeine. And here’s more good news….honey is locally produced and unpasteurized. 

You can buy the Masala Chai and Chai Honey from these unique stores or order a cup of Chai from these coffee shops around Red Deer or order them right here online.

About our Products

Masala Chai Tea
Our tea blend is made by adding our own recipe of spices called Masala to a loose Orange Pekoe tea. We start by slicing ginger root and peeling oranges, dehydrating them and coarsely grinding the dry orange peel and ginger root along with cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and black pepper. These big flakes of whole spices are then added to the loose tea. This Masala blend has a Traditional Indian spicy flavor and can be made by the cup or as an 8 cup concentrate to store in the fridge and heat up as needed. Our package is 110 g and makes approximately 30 cups of tea..  The preparation methods are included on the package.​.
Chai Honey
Our infused honey is made with locally produced honey from the Nixon Honey Farm We create this spicy sweet concoction by using the same spices as the tea (Masala). They are finely ground and sifted and folded into the creamed honey. There is as much spice in one teaspoon of Chai Honey as there is one cup of prepared Masala Chai. For an instant chai, add one teaspoon of Chai Honey to a cup of black tea and add a splash of cream. To make a caffeine free drink, add Chai honey to warm milk or decaffeinated tea. For a real jolt, add it to coffee. We also use it in our oatmeal, on our toast, on our popcorn, and substitute it for sugar in our baking. The uses are endless. Check out our recipes! ​Our honey comes in two sizes, 340 g and 680g. 

Nixon Honey Farm “Nixon Honey conducts all operations within our own facility. We package honey produced by our bees, and do not outsource.”
The Process