1.) How long does dry Masala Chai mix last in my cupboard?
Up to three years, after that, those freshly ground spices start loosing their strength.

2.) How long does Masala Chai concentrate last in my fridge?
3 weeks. It is only black tea and water, and if you choose, some honey, so they will last well in a glass jar in your fridge.

3.) How long does Chai Honey last in my cupboard?
Indefinitely! If you wish to soften your honey, we recommend using the stovetop at low temperatures, or placing your sealed honey container in hot water.

4.) What if I am lactose and gluten intolerant?
Both products are lactose and gluten free. If you can't digest milk easily, try Almond milk or coconut milk

5.) What if I am choosing not to eat processed sugar, but still want to drink your chai?
We sweeten our Masala Chai with honey, Nixon Honey to be exact.

6) Where can I buy your products?
Stores and Restaurants to Find Our Products
Red Deer
  • Bistro on Gaetz
  • Cool Beans 
  • Stella Bean Sweets 
  • The Frame It Store
  • Cronquist House
  • Little Red Barn
  • Sugar by Tracy 
  • Brown Eggs and Lamb (honey)
Pigeon Lake
  • Village Emporium
  • Bean Brokers
  • Coliseum Gift Store 
  • Piece On Peace Shop
7.) What other ways can I use Chai Honey besides making regular tea into a chai?
See Recipes. 

Here is our  Top 10 Ways to Use Your Delicious and Nutritious Chai Honey
1. add 1 teaspoon to your mug of Red Rose(Orange Pekoe) tea, add a dash of cream and there you go - instant Chai!
2. stir into your rice or bread pudding for a yummy burst of flavour.
3. slather a touch on your toast in the morning
4. stir into hot water to keep a cold away. Do this 3 times a day. 
5. drop a teaspoon of it in a mug, add cold milk, steam or just heat and you get a spicy warm milk
6. Pour a litre of unsweetened chocolate almond milk (Almond Breeze ) into a saucepan, add 1/3 cup of Chai Honey, heat to almost boiling, and enjoy as a spicy hot chocolate. (1 tsp per cup)
7. drizzle on your oatmeal in the morning.
8. make popcorn as usual and as you are melting the butter, add 1\2 teaspoon of Chai Honey and drizzle over popped popcorn for a chai kettle corn taste.
9. use as a sweetener next time you make your own balsamic vinaigrette.
10. candy some pecans or almonds to top off your favorite spinach salad