What Our Customers Are Saying

Sue N. …Chai Wallahs tea does not last long in my cubboard!!! At best a few weeks then I'm out and on the look out for those wonderful gals who continue to create such a fab mix of spices that I just can't seem to get enough of!! :D Its my absolute favorite!! <3

Shantel S Loved the Chai Honey! Put it in my pineapple ice cream sauce instead of cinnamon and some sugar. It was AMAZING!

Shantel S
The honey is an absolute game changer! Love it

Wildonapparel My new obsession.  It’s snowing in Lacombe Peeps, this is the PERFECT hot drink to warm up and recharge.  I love a good chai and the ladies @chai.wallahs has made it so easy #chaiwallahs@thecuratorscollection Not only do these ladies @chai.wallahs serve up warm drinks…they have the most beautiful personalities as well.

http://coolbeansbus.weebly.com/  Best Chai in town, served by our friendly serenading Barista

​Erin ​Holy man.  Please tell Heather thank you for the chai honey sample.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  Having it in my tea right now and I'm fan-girling so much that I'm swooning.  I'll need a bucket of this!

Jen ​ This chai warms your soul just as much as these Chai Wallahs do.  A blend of the spicy tea and their sweet chai honey make a perfect latte